Sunday, October 15, 2017

What's New in October 2017

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I've three things to share in what I hope will be a monthly posting that I am using as a newsletter.

1.  When the hurricane hit the Houston area, I wanted to to something to help. Then Florida and Puerto Rico were hit, along with the fires in the Northwest/California. My contribution is to give 100% of the proceeds from the sale of four of my novellas. The proceeds from the sales from September 1 until December 31, 2017 will be divided between the four areas . This way I can give to readers and those who are in need. Having been through both fire and flood, these disasters are not a one and done or those trying to get their lives back.

The novellas are: “Lost Knight”, “Never Had a Chance”, “Gift of Forgiveness” and “Angel of Salvation Valley” You can access them from my Amazon Author Page at

Never Had a Chance: An Agate Gulch Story by [Raines, Angela]

If you feel so inclined a review would also be greatly appreciated.

2.  Around the second week of November I will have the release of my third Medieval story in an upcoming anthology from my publisher, Prairie Rose Publications. Watch their blog: and my facebook page: for the release date

3.  Research and writing of the novel are continuing. Mary and Edwin are finally cooperating and the history I've been looking for is coming out of hiding. At least the cover photo shoot is done and I'll be sharing photos in the next post. 

     I'm excited about this story. The main characters are older and have a lot of history behind them, but not necessarily with each other. The secrets and trouble in Mary's town have a way of sneaking up on me, and I'm enjoying each and every one.

Until next month, happy writing and reading. As always "smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to."

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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Cover Photo Shoot

Post by Angela Raines

Recently two stories, one a Historical Western Romance, one a Medieval Romance, were issued by my publisher, Prairie Rose Publications. Since I enjoy photography and have a dear friend who is also photographer, I try to add my own touch to the covers. That I have actor/model friends also helps.

For fun, I thought I'd share the book covers and a couple of the shots that didn't make the cut. I thank PRP for the chance to share my stories and my friends for helping me make the story real.

This is the cover for the Medieval release.
Here are a couple of shots that didn't make the cut.

The second story "Never Had A Chance" was a combination of two different photo shoots.

This is the final version, but...
these two also were on the cover of  "Angel of Salvation Valley", and did such a great job

Here they are just having fun

I hope you enjoyed a look behind the scenes. Watch for more fun photos in the future.

Angela Raines is the pen name for Doris McCraw. Originally from the mid-west, Doris now calls the Rocky Mountains her home. Doris is a writer, historian, actor,and teacher. An avid reader Doris loves to spend time in history archives looking for the small, unknown pieces of history. Many times these pieces end up in her stories or poems. 

Currently Doris is working in both the Medieval and Western Romance genre. Both have a wonderful history, much not commonly known which adds to the joy of telling these stories.

A photographer, Doris also writes haiku and combines them with her photography on her haiku blog: .

Saturday, May 7, 2016


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A bit behind on posting writings. It has been a busy week. 
As promised, writings from the last week. Working on descriptions this week. 

Traveling back, Esteban took in the stark beauty of his surroundings. The strength of the rocks reminded him of Sophia. The diversity, the symbiotic relationship of the plants, earth and sky made him long for such in his own country.
You have been lucky,” Esteban said to his mount. “Your health is returned, you have your land that father left, despite not being of his blood.” A sigh escaped, “but will you still have Sophia?”
In his heart he hoped that was true. Despite his words to her, Esteban secretly had wanted to stay. He had come to appreciate her wit, her intelligence, and most of all her laughing eyes.

Each mile brought him closer to home. Despite his origins, he could thank his father, that honorable old man who raised him, everything he now had.

Until next time.
Angela Raines is the pen name for Doris McCraw. Doris also writes haiku posted five days a week at - and has now passed one thousand haiku and photos posted on this blog. Check out her other work or like her Amazon author page:

One Christmas Knight



Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Meeting

Post copyright 2016 by Doris McCraw/ Angela Raines-author

Sophia, her eyes bright with tears and fears, gasp, a scream echoing across the air, with the unexpected touch.
Quiet,” the raspy voice said in her ear, a thin arm cocooning her shoulders. “I'm not going to do anything, but there are those out there who will.”
Shaking, the tears finally dripping down, Sophia whispered, “I couldn't find the North Star, I…”
If you've never been in this part of the country, it's easy to get lost.” The voice croaked. “This is the second night the stars haven't made an appearance.”
Sophia noticed the man's language, his withered appearance.
Who?” Sophia started, stopped, “why should I trust you?”
I know you managed to get away earlier this evening.”
He continued, ignoring the question “The racket those men were making.”

Sophia started backing away, fear of recapture raising its head. She'd almost gotten beyond reach when his words stopped her. “If you go that way, you'll run into them.”