Saturday, May 7, 2016


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A bit behind on posting writings. It has been a busy week. 
As promised, writings from the last week. Working on descriptions this week. 

Traveling back, Esteban took in the stark beauty of his surroundings. The strength of the rocks reminded him of Sophia. The diversity, the symbiotic relationship of the plants, earth and sky made him long for such in his own country.
You have been lucky,” Esteban said to his mount. “Your health is returned, you have your land that father left, despite not being of his blood.” A sigh escaped, “but will you still have Sophia?”
In his heart he hoped that was true. Despite his words to her, Esteban secretly had wanted to stay. He had come to appreciate her wit, her intelligence, and most of all her laughing eyes.

Each mile brought him closer to home. Despite his origins, he could thank his father, that honorable old man who raised him, everything he now had.

Until next time.
Angela Raines is the pen name for Doris McCraw. Doris also writes haiku posted five days a week at - and has now passed one thousand haiku and photos posted on this blog. Check out her other work or like her Amazon author page:

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